Message from President

One of the pleasures of service as a member of senior management or the Board of Directors is being able to promote existing M C Bankers who have gained experience and training, have matured professionally and who demonstrate the leadership skills necessary to perform duties at a higher level.

Such is the case as I announce the promotions of Barton Blanco to Executive Vice President, Chief Lending Officer; and Jeremy Callais to Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of M C Bank.

Each of these gentlemen have long embraced the M C Bank brand and mission of service, fiscal integrity and active citizenship in our community. As an independent, true community bank, the quality of our all levels...allows us to stand apart from the crowd. I am confident that Barton and Jeremy will continue to perform their duties exceptionally well and our customers will be the beneficiaries of their dedication and work.

Custom Image Our Executive Team (l to r): Larry Callais, Barton Blanco, and Jeremy Callais


Larry J. Callais

President & C.E.O.

M C Bank

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