Message from President

Dear Valued Customers:

While M C Bank has excelled in its traditional business of providing banking services to our customers, I know our responsibility extends beyond the walls of this bank and beyond the banking hours posted on our doors. I believe our responsibility includes rolling up our corporate and individual sleeves to make a difference across the communities we serve.

Corporately, we invest in many civic, charitable, educational and youth organizations, as well as economic development endeavors; and, while writing a check is effective in many ways, it's the willingness of our employees to be personally involved in countless organizations that truly enhances the quality of life we share across the region.

I don't want to leave the impression that M C Bank can be all things for all organizations, but our human investment and our financial contributions are very, very significant. We are here to make a difference not only in the brand of banking we offer, but in helping worthwhile organizations and causes to grow and prosper.

M C Bankers hold a number of leadership positions in various organizations from the Chamber of Commerce to local service clubs, charities and more. Our employees are also deeply involved in their local churches, too.

M C Bank invokes the phrase "Sharing the Hometown Spirit" in all of our marketing--because it's absolutely true. The hometown spirit is alive and well at M C Bank! That spirit means we work diligently as bankers in the performance of our duties within the walls of the bank. That spirit also drives us to work outside our walls to enhance the quality of life we share with our friends and neighbors. The spirit of volunteerism works in every successful community in America."



Larry J. Callais

President & C.E.O.

M C Bank

Member F.D.I.C. and the Community!

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