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How to Put More Money Into Your Savings Account

6 ways for you to keep those New Year's financial resolution goals and put more money into your savings account.


Tax Prep - What Your Accountant Needs and How to Use Online Banking to Provide it Easily

How to use your online banking account to sort through your finances and easily provide your accountant what they may need to prepare your taxes.


Today’s mobile banking solutions are designed to help you manage your finances on the go. 

These days, everything is mobile, with banking being no exception. Today’s mobile banking solutions are designed to help you manage your finances on the go. With M C Bank’s Mobiliti app, you have your account information and more at your fingertips!


Our online banking offers convenience and around-the-clock access, and the freedom to bank wherever you have the need.

Our online banking offers convenience and around-the-clock access, and the freedom to bank wherever you have the need. If you’re thinking about changing to online banking, here is what you should know.


How Do You Know When to Refinance a Mortgage?

It’s a common strategy for homeowners everywhere: Refinancing their home loans to take advantage of savings opportunities.  If you are thinking about refinancing M C Bank can help with the process.

There are retirement planning strategies you can do right now that can make a difference, no matter when you start.

It is never to late to start saving for retirement.  M C Bank has Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA), as well as other products to help you start saving for retirement.

There are retirement planning strategies you can do right now that can make a difference, no matter when you start.

What do I need to know about making a bank deposit and deposit accounts?

Anytime you make a bank deposit, you’re doing two things. One you’re securing your money and making sure nothing happens to it.

4 Factors to Consider When Making a Will

It does not matter how old you are or how much money you have. Experts say an estate plan is a must-have for almost everyone, and making a will is a solid first step.

5 Unexpected Reasons to Open a Business Checking Account

In addition to regular banking services, there are more reasons to open a business checking account that people do not always consider. Here we look at five extra benefits to consider.

What to do if Your Identity is Stolen

Every year, millions of Americans fall victim to identify theft, with ramifications ranging from inconvenience to financial chaos. When your credit card is stolen, initial panic quickly gives way to confusion about who to call and what to do next, and what exactly is at stake.

Going Paperless? 5 Ways to Best Manage Your eStatements

Whether you are new to online statements, or you have been paper-free for some time, these are five strategies for best handling eStatements.

3 Things to Know When Opening a Non Profit Bank Account

A non profit needs financial services such as a non profit bank account in order to collect revenues, pay vendors, and invest in operations to achieve their missions. Still there are essential differences between an opening non profit bank account versus a regular bank account.

Advantages of Borrowing Through a Second Mortgage

Owning a home is more than a great investment. It is also a source of valuable funding when it comes to pursuing other financial opportunities. Here we look at the power of a second mortgage, what it means, and it many advantages.

Understanding where you stand financially is a good start to planning for the future.

A basic Personal Financial statement is key to starting this process.

Understanding the terms and services that are used by banks can help you to navigate through the banking process.

Banking can be overwhelming. Banks offer so many products and services and the terms, if you are unfamiliar, can sound like a foreign language.

6 Benefits of Using Online Bill Pay

Using Bill Pay is a great way to set yourself up for financial success. The benefits of Bill Pay are great and make managing your finances simpler.

Holiday Shopping on a Budget

Heading into the Holidays’ with a plan can have you feeling like Bob Cratchit instead of Ebenezer Scrooge. Here are some Holiday Shopping, Budget and Time Management tips that will have you full of Holiday Cheer.

Financial Literacy - Making the right choices managing your money

It might seem overwhelming at first, but planning and goal setting are key to becoming financially literate. There are four main skills that are part of this process: budgeting, savings, debt management and investing.

New Year's Resolutions

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time for reflection, planning for the next year, and goal setting.

Small Business Banking

Every day there are opportunities for your business to become more efficient, or perhaps give you more insight into your business. Here are a few services that could be available from your business’s bank and how they could help your business.

Teach your kids about money with an allowance

Teaching children about money management from a young age can be incredibly beneficial for them as they mature into their teenage and adult years.

Why you need a Short and Long Term Emergency fund

It’s important to have an emergency fund to cover unexpected expenses. Job loss, medical emergencies, unexpected home or auto repairs, and unplanned travel needs are just a few types of emergencies that can arise. Having a fully funded emergency fund can help you avoid borrowing money or accumulating credit card debt to cover these types of costs.

The Advantages of Banking Locally

There are many advantages to banking locally. At M C Bank and Trust, we have been serving the local Louisiana community since 1955. We are committed to providing customers with better products and services with a hometown experience. Our employees also live in the local communities we serve, so we are extremely committed to supporting local neighbors, businesses and organizations.

Make the most of Digital Banking 

Digital Banking is like having a superpower. What used to take standing in line at the bank can now be done in seconds from your smart phone, tablet or computer, or anywhere in the world.

Avoid Common Credit Card Pitfalls 

There are many benefits to having credit cards. They can help you build and maintain a credit score; they help pay for expenses, they offer a certain level of security and some even offer rewards or discounts to help you save money. However, there are several pitfalls to avoid when it comes to managing credit cards.

Retirement Planning - start saving now 

When it comes to retirement planning, it’s never too early to start. In fact, starting earlier can be extremely beneficial (even if you can only save a little bit at first) because you have more years to save, more time for your money to grow, and less to worry about saving as you get closer to your desired retirement age.

Is a 15 year mortgage right for you? 

A 15 year mortgage is a mortgage that will be paid off completely in 15 years if all of the payments are made on schedule. Typically, 15 year mortgages have a fixed rate, which means the interest rate is the same throughout the life of the mortgage.

Keep your personal information safe online 

Cybersecurity is more important than ever. Scammers are always coming up with new ways to hack into your personal computer, phone, or tablet to gain access to your personal information. They have a variety of tactics, so it is important to be aware of their approach so you know how to protect your personal information.

Steps to take before buying a new car 

Buying a new car can seem complicated, but it doesn't have to be. We break it down for you and give you the resources to get into a new vehicle.

Which household projects have the best ROI 

When choosing which home renovations to tackle, consider which projects will provide the most return on your investment (ROI).

How to Spot Online Fraud 

Online fraud is on the rise, and scammers are constantly finding new, innovative ways to con people out of their hard-earned money. The first step to defending yourself against internet fraud is knowing what to be on the lookout for.

How to Save for a Down Payment on a Home 

Get on the fast track for saving a big enough down payment to buy a home by following these steps.

M C Bank Facebook 2021 Giveaway Rules 


Credit Scores – why are they important? 

A credit score is a three-digit score between 300 and 850 that summarizes a consumer’s creditworthiness based on their credit history.

Proactive Budgeting 

Proactive budgeting is a great step to implement in your financial planning journey. Monthly bills are easier to budget for than quarterly, semi-annual, or yearly bills.

Checking Accounts and the Benefits 

A checking account is one of the most popular products a bank can offer to help you handle your daily financial transactions.

Is My Mobile Deposit Secure? 

Mobile Deposit – how to keep it a convenient – and safe – way to do your banking on the go.

Making An Impact 

The art of giving back comes in many shapes and sizes.

Financial Wellness 

Being healthy is not only a matter of keeping your body and mind in shape – your finances need to be checked too!.

Save Money For The Future

Saving money is more than just setting cash aside at the end of the month. From a very young age, we are taught to save up for the future, yet we never fully understand its importance until life events flash before our eyes..

A New Beginning

With 2021 in the books, you should love to look at your finances and be on plan for 2022.This is the time of year that most people anxiously await, the end of the year. It's a time to take stock of your life and be happy about what you have accomplished..

End-Of-Year Planning

Understanding how far your finances have come is key to both your short and long-term goals. This is also a great chance to learn more about your money outflows and find out how you are managing your earnings. To do so, there are eight valuable things to consider before saying goodbye to 2021 and welcome the new year feeling confident about your financial health

Benefits of a Community Bank Versus a Big Bank

When it comes to deciding between a large national bank or a local bank to handle your essential financial needs, such as managing your checking and savings accounts or loan services, you may ask if the size of the financial institution matters.


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