Treasury Management Products & Services

Treasury Management

Choose the Treasury Management products that are the right fit for your business.

Whether you run a large company or a local non-profit, M C Bank can accommodate all your business needs.


Treasury Management Products & Services

Please contact us for pricing and/or enrollment information for any of the below products.

  • Electronic, bank-to-bank domestic money transfers processed through the Automated Clearing House Network.
  • Can be same day or scheduled in advance
  • Beneficial for customers needing to send and/or collect funds (Credit or Debit) via ACH (Direct Deposit/Payroll, Vendor Payments, Collect Payments, Collect Membership Dues, etc)
Online Wire Transfers
  • Electronic transfer of funds that allow money to be moved quickly and securely
  • Domestic and International Payments can be initiated through Business Online
  • Beneficial for customers who need to securely send high dollar payments or who need to send money immediately
Remote Deposit Capture
  • Allows customers to deposit checks from their office with a scanner
  • Beneficial for customers with a high volume of checks, who are not near a branch, or who find it hard to get to the branch during business hours
  • Service provided by the bank to customers for the receipt of payments from their customers
  • Payments to the customer are directed to a PO Box. The Bank collects the mail, processes and deposits the payments and funds the customer's account directly
  • Beneficial for customers who receive large dollar or high volumes of checks in-house or someone who experiences sales growth without staff to process
Payroll & Disbursement Cards
  • Payroll Cards - Reloadable card solution allowing employees to receive wages quickly and electronically without having a bank account
  • Disbursement Cards - Reloadable card solution enabling efficient and low cost Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer payments electronically

Check Fraud Protection

Check Positive Pay

  • Checks are matched and cross-referenced with a list provided by the customer. Any suspicious items are verified with client via Business Online
  • Beneficial for customers who have experienced fraud or want to proactively protect their account from fraud

ACH Fraud Protection

ACH Debit and/or Credit Positive Pay

  • Allows users to review all incoming ACH Credits and/or ACH Debits and allows customers to return any suspicious ACH items
  • Customer can create a rule list to allow certain ACH items to go through without review

ACH Debit Block

  • Blocks all incoming ACH Debits


  • A sweep account is a bank account that automatically transfers funds to/from another account
  • Accounts aggregate funds from several accounts to a master for debt repayment or investment purposes
  • Beneficial for customers who want to optimize their liquidity or address FDIC Insurance Limits

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