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Fees and Rates 


Safe Deposit Boxes

Available Boxes:

  • 3 X 5: $30.00 annually
  • 5 X 5: $40.00 annually
  • 3 X 10: $55.00 annually
  • 4 X 10: $65.00 annually
  • 5 X 10: $75.00 annually
  • 10 X 10: $100.00 annually

Night Deposit Bags

Available for $30 per bag and $2 per key.

Stop Payments

Available at $32.00 per item.

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)/Overdraft

$32.00 per presentment.


We may charge you non-sufficient funds fees for each resubmission of a debit or re-presentation of an item, which means you may incur multiple non-sufficient funds fees if a debit or item is returned more than one time. For example, you write a check from your account with us. The check is returned for non-sufficient funds, and we may charge you non-sufficient funds fees. The same check is then re-presented to us for payment, and the check is returned again for non-sufficient funds. We may charge you non-sufficient funds fees the second time the check is presented for payment and returned for non-sufficient funds.

Wire Transfers


Incoming - $15.00

Outgoing - $20.00


Incoming - $20.00

Outgoing - $60.00


Please check with your local banker or visit one of our Banking Centers to learn about our current Money Market rates, CD specials, and other offerings. 

Check out our current Certificates of Deposit Specials below:

"Pick Your CD Term": 3, 6, or 9-months at 5.09% APY*

*Minimum opening deposit of $10,000 required. Offer available to new money only. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. APY=Annual Percentage Yield. 5% interest rate; 5.09% APY. APY is accurate as of October 2023.  

Rates effective January 2024. 



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