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Dear Valued Customers:



Dear M C Bank Customers:

     PLEASE REMEMBER:  We are considered a “critical business” and are exempt from the Governor’s Executive Order for people to remain home.  Your Community Bank—Your Hometown Spirit Bank--will remain open.  Please take time to read the information below.

    Our goal is to provide you with the very best and safest service possible. 

     In light of the current threat from the Corona-virus; the steps taken by our State and National Officials; and, the declaration of our President, M C Bank requests your understanding and cooperation with the information.

      As a precautionary measure, for your protection and the protection of our M C Bank family of employees, the lobbies of each of our offices will be closed beginning Monday morning, March 23, 2020. 

  • Our drive-up hours at our offices on all weekdays except scheduled bank holidays will be as follows:
  • Main Office
    • 7:45 a.m. to 5:15p.m.
  • Amelia, Bayou Vista, Lafayette, and Youngsville
    • 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  •  Should it be necessary to close drive up facilities at any of our branch offices located in Amelia and Bayou Vista, a notice will be placed on that specific facility and on our website directing you to the Main Office located at 1201 Brashear Avenue in Morgan City—which also has easy access from Victor II Blvd. 
  •  Should it be necessary to close our Youngsville or Lafayette Offices a notice will be placed on that specific facility and on our website with specific instructions directing you to the nearest office. 
  •  Our downtown New Orleans Limited Services facility has been closed with all employees working remotely from their homes.  Contact information for all of them has been posted on our website. 
  •  As stated above, any and all of the above information will be updated daily on our website.
  •  All of our various departments will continue operations as usual.  If you are in need of something other than a normal teller transaction please call the following numbers that will connect you with the office you normally use or a direct dial number to the person you need to communicate with if one has been given to you by that employee.
    • Main Office in Morgan City—985-384-2100
    • Amelia Office—985-631-0801
    • Bayou Vista Office—985-395-9763
    • Lafayette Office—337-232-3221
    • New Orleans Office—504-434-6282
    • Youngsville Office—337-573-9481
  •  We are encouraging any of you who are experiencing any of the below symptoms as posted by the Center for Disease Control concerning the Corona-virus to seek the immediate advice of your physician:
    • flu-like symptoms,
    • fever,
    • coughing,
    • fatigue,
    • breathing difficulties, and
    • myalgia(pain in a muscle or group of muscles)

     Please visit us at for any further information or any and all updates as we work through this unfortunate situation.  We look forward to resuming “business as usual” at the very earliest time possible.  In the meantime our wishes for you, your family, and your associates is a “healthy venture” throughout this ordeal with all remaining free from the illness that is impacting most of our nation and world.




Presidents Message

Larry J. Callais


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