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Dear clients and friends,

We have spent a lot of time reflecting on who we are as a bank and where we want to go. We have a robust and rich history coupled with an energized and focused team. I want to share our Mission, Vision, and Values with you, and I hope this aligns with the type of bank you want to work with.

M C Bank’s mission is to offer a human-centered approach to banking solutions and strengthen the communities we serve.

More than a bank, a place that helps you grow.

Core Values:
Collaborative: We work together and support each other to be the strongest team.
Curious: We encourage inquisitiveness and continuous pursuit.
Data-driven: We make informed decisions backed by solid evidence.
Human-centric: We operate with empathy and offer innovative technology while prioritizing the human experience.
Resilient: We are prepared, responsive, and agile so that we can deliver for our clients, communities, and associates.

To touch a little on our mission statement – we are keeping up with technological advances while still emphasizing and providing that personal, relationship side of banking. That’s why we continue to hire, train, and empower our talented associates. Additionally, we continue to focus on strengthening our communities – knowing that we are only as strong as the communities in which we serve. We are doing this by enhancing our offerings to better meet our clients’ needs, expanding our footprint within Louisiana, and partnering with local non-profit organizations through financial and volunteer opportunities.

As for our vision – we envision being THE financial advocate for our clients so they can achieve their goals. We envision providing the environment and tools needed for our associates to be successful in their careers. Lastly, we envision being a good corporate steward to stimulate growth in our communities.

I am very excited about our future, and, again, I hope this resonates with you. If you are already a client, we appreciate your trust in M C Bank. If you are not a client, we welcome the opportunity to work with you and be your community bank.

Warm regards,


Chris LeBato

Christopher P. LeBato
President & Chief Executive Officer




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